Chatting with a celebrity

Well sort of. 🙂 I logged in this morning and got an IM from Kallisti Burns, the designer for Discord Designs, who’d read my post on SL Universe about how I’d not been able to find hair that I liked at her store. She was apologetic, and we chatted for a while about the sort of hair I was looking for, and she hinted that there might be something I would like in the next set of releases which is good news. But then we ended up chatting about, oh all sorts of things. Turns out that she’s lived in the same town (or close enough to it) that I briefly lived in while I was a student – her mum attended the same college, in the same year, so we talked for a while about that, and about a million other things too. It’s such a small world, this virtual one.

Part of the conversation was about nekos, I told her that I’d bought a neko set from her (because they’re cheap) and she pointed out that traditionally (in japanese culture, not just SL culture) males who are referred to as neko are invariably “uke” – which roughly equates to being the bottom in a gay relationship. So, um, I think that neko set will remain firmly in my inventory. Kallisti said that she found it amusing to see big muscly guys pushing their attitude, and wearing neko ears and tail. Talk about a walking contradiction.

I’ve also discovered that at 7ft, my avatar is MUCH too tall, so I need to fix that. If the average male avatar is 6’7″ (which is what Kallisti said it is roughly, and 6’2″ for female avs), then I really ought to be around 6’3″ or 6’4″ to be proportional. But if you think I’m going to drop down to my actual RL height, you can think again. Kallisti’s avatar is deliberately short, only 5’1″ and she told me that she sometimes had hassle with places banning her because they assume she’s a child avatar. And we both bemoaned the fact that in a virtual world like this, where anyone can be anything they want, so many people end up being exactly the same. You’d think there would be more variety, and yes there ARE people with strange and wonderful avatars – animals, machines, demons, elves, blobs… and yet 95% of avatars I’ve seen are barbie-and-ken clones.

Oh and speaking of machines, I got a cute avatar that was gioven to me – I saw someone wearing it and he said he’d been given it as a freebie, and he passed it on. “IT” turned out to be nothing more than 3 skin textures, nothing more than that. So I made a skin, and a shape, and voila, I’m Sonny!


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