sitting in a tree

I moved house today, but only just across the sim, because Aph is doing some rearranging. The one I’ve got now is better, almost flat instead of that steep hillside. So I build a proper house (and I think it’s too big), and Aph let me have the pick of her sculpty trees to decorate my parcel. I picked a lovely red-leafed japanese Maple, and then I stuck some poseballs in it. No not the dirty sort, just the sitting-in-a-tree sort.

So here’s me and Salo sitting in our new tree.

The house in the background is my neighbour’s, not mine. Mine is in need of some decent textures. Kaaaarl???? 😀

Odd thing. When I’m on my main av, I think of Salo as an antirely different person, and vice-versa. And I’m definitely thinking of her as female, which I didn’t expect. She’s cute, but I wouldn’t kiss her. That would be like incest or something.


my new addiction

Today I discovered 7 Seas fishing. And I wonder why it’s more fun here than it ever was in WoW…


My new house

My new house

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I have new land, and last night I started building a log cabin on it. This morning I had a brainstorm, I deleted the cabin and replaced it with this: It’s a series of three “pods”, like alien tree seed pods, with interconnecting walkways. The whole thing, including the walkways and railings, is under 40 prims. Each room is a 10m radius torus so it’s a bit cramped in there. I feel like I ought to be wearing an elf avatar.

My first hair

Sooo… after Robert posted in the forum about wanting a neat rat-tail-type ponytail, I decided to make this my first ever hair making project.

Three hours and a lot of frustration later I have the first ever hair made by my own hand. I know its bad, and its only 26 prims, and I gave up making the bangs alpha-textured because of the horrible overlapping effect, but I’m SO pleased with it as a first attempt, and while it’s not good enough to be saleable, it’s easily better than some of the freebie hair out there.

I have 5 textures; black, brown, blond, bright red, and of course my favourite ginger.

Next project ; the same thing but better.

myhair_001 myhair_002

Lost – an Open Life report

me in OLThat’s the only word in my profile. Lost. Its kind of a strange feeling, to be here when OLG is so new and so raw. I signed up yesterday, and spent 3 hours on it, of which probably 2 hours was spent staring at the “Connecting to Region” screen as I made many, many failed attempts to log in or teleport anywhere. When I did manage to get in, I picked up a few freebies from the sandbox, and uploded a few textures to make my own, and I’m reasonably happy with the way I look here. I’m nowhere near as good looking as I am in SL – my skin here is a freebie one form a RPG pack but it has a ginger beard, and that’s all I really need to keep me happy, even if it does make me look like Philip Linden. And the Dirty Biker hair looks almost like the hair I wear all the time in SL, if I slap a bright orange tint on it instead of the usual black.

Today I hung out at Lecktor’s Roadhouse, and discovered how to use a poseball when the script doesn’t work. Right click > Edit > and play the animation from the contents tab. It works a dream, just like a Chimera.

But despite the rawness of OLG, and all the problems with logging in and teleporting, I’m actually loving it. I’ve socialised more, and made more friends, in 48 hours on OLG than I have in the past month on SL. And tonight when I got home from the pub and went online for an hour, it was OLG I picked, not SL. That says a lot.

Then again maybe it’s my ADHD showing…

(PS: watching the election results as they come in and Obama is ahead 108 to 34 so far. I am so tempted to stay up and watch it all but my old body wants my bed.)

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

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I’ve been having another go at making something, and I came up with this
flexi scarf in burberry print. I can’t decide whether I’m turning into a
country gent or a chav. Still, it’s warm with all this snow.

(and also testing direct posting to my blog)