sitting in a tree

I moved house today, but only just across the sim, because Aph is doing some rearranging. The one I’ve got now is better, almost flat instead of that steep hillside. So I build a proper house (and I think it’s too big), and Aph let me have the pick of her sculpty trees to decorate my parcel. I picked a lovely red-leafed japanese Maple, and then I stuck some poseballs in it. No not the dirty sort, just the sitting-in-a-tree sort.

So here’s me and Salo sitting in our new tree.

The house in the background is my neighbour’s, not mine. Mine is in need of some decent textures. Kaaaarl???? 😀

Odd thing. When I’m on my main av, I think of Salo as an antirely different person, and vice-versa. And I’m definitely thinking of her as female, which I didn’t expect. She’s cute, but I wouldn’t kiss her. That would be like incest or something.


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