New house – interior

I’m really pleased with how things are going in my new house, and I have some interior shots for you. Sadly I didn’t make all the furniture myself but I did make all the bedroom furniture, except for the two armchairs which are re-textured versions of the ones downstairs. I’m really pleased with the way it came out. Incidentally the “mirror” effect above the bed comes from a plain aluminium metal freebie texture, with a slight (0.05) Glow added. The lamps are just Glow and Fullbright, without any actual Light. That looks better than having it actually shining through the wall. The kitchen is all my own work too. The dining room still looks a bit bare, and I have two more rooms (one small square one, where the stairs landing is, and a long thin room between the stairs and the bedroom. I haven’t decided what to put in those yet. And I still have a third of my 468 prim allowance still unused so I have plenty of space for more.

newhouse_livingroom newhouse_diningroom newhouse_kitchen newhouse_bedroom


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