Luminosity Homes

Today I listed my first item for sale on X-Street and On-Rez.

This prefab home is in the Lumi series which is based on a modern,Scandinavian style featuring timber framed construction, open-planrooms and hardwood floors. The houses are economic on prims and arelight and spacious with large decorative windows. The Lumi house may,if you wish, be used easily as a skybox.

All Lumi houses are supplied with doors and fireplaces. The secondstorey is accessed by stairs and not a teleporter. The fireplace isseperate from the main house and may be removed, thus saving 9 prims.

Please note that doors do not feature locking scripts, and windows donot have tint function, however as they are modifyable you may feelfree to add your own should you wish.

The entire house is copy-mod so you may re-texture it. HOWEVER: Pleasemake a copy first, as I do not supply individual textures with thepurchase and if you over-write an original texture you will not be ableto get it back. I will not replace a house that has been re-textured.


The Lumi 30 has a footprint of 20x30m and will fit easily on a 2048parcel. It is 2 storeys high, and the approximate total height is 10m.It will also fit on a standard square 1024 parcel but it will be VERYcramped and will go right up to your borders so it is not reccommended.If you have a smaller parcel please be sure you know not just the areabut also the length and width of your property.

Prim count: 82 total (73 without fireplace)

See and download the full gallery on posterous


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