Dream of Dakota

Years and years ago, long before SL was even invented, I had a dream. In this dream I had a wife and two teenage children, and the four of us were on the run, for a reason I never did recall. The world we were in seemed like it was in the future, but a gritty and harsh kind of future. Our journey was taking us north across the States: there was this strong sense of having to reach the border, and then we’d be safe. At one point we were crossing a vast wheatfield, and we came across an old rusted locomotive, where we sheltered for the night. I remember looking at a map in the dream, spreading it out across the rusted metal, tracing the way we were going. When I woke up, that map was burned into my brain and I looked it up in an atlas. We were in North Dakota, headed straight for Winnipeg. I never knew if we ever got there – I woke up before we got to the border.
Not so long ago I saw some pics of The Far Away, and when I saw them, I nearly choked on my coffee. This is the wheatfield from my dream, and this is the rusty locomotive.


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