The Baby Game

Alice and I are going to be a childless couple. (After all, it’s not a good climate for bringing a baby into the world right now – jobs are scarce, big businesses closing down, griefers everywhere…)   One of the things we got talking about last night was the whole phenomena of pregnancy roleplay and prim babies, and I said that I hoped she wasn’t going to want to do that, and was relieved when she said that she wasn’t a bit interested.

zooby-babyI was intrigued by the pictures of the prim babies now being sold at Zooby’s (the idea of buying a baby from a pet store is somewhat disturbing) and I found them rather creepy, in the same sort of way as I think those ultra-realistic real-life baby dolls are creepy too. At least they don’t look like cabbage-patch dolls, like most of them do.

The thing is, it’s not just the actual babies that creep me out. To me, it’s the whole scene, that also involves scripted pregnancy talking tummies, the prim babies, and the family roleplay (the baby grows up then you have to “adopt” an age-player to play the older child), and the whole thing gets wrapped up in a package along with the relationship and the wedding and everything. It’s like kids playing a massively complex game of “Mummies and Daddies”.

Now don’t get me wrong. I appreciate why some folk want to do this. Maybe a woman is unable to have kids of her own in RL and she wants to at least simulate the experience. Maybe she’s *coughs* too young. Maybe a person wants roleplay a kid because they had a crappy childhood in RL. There are reasons and reasons, and all of them are valid to someone, and as long as it’s not involving pedophilia I’m not worried.

I’m just relieved that Alice and I are agreed not to bother, and glad that we talked about it early – too many people don’t, and then one ends up going along with it just to keep their partner happy, and… well, I guess it’s just like real life, if a couple aren’t in agreement about whether or not they want kids. Cue relationship that isn’t going to last very long.

Me personally, I just don’t have the time or the patience for the roleplay. I’ve done enough child-rearing in RL thank-you-very-much, and I’d be bored clicking on a scripted baby. I don’t want my relationship with Alice to feel like a roleplaying-game. And besides, if I was going to do any roleplay, I have an elf alt who complains that he doesn’t get enough time as it is.


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