Rare fashion post

I don’t normally do fashion, but today I think I’m going to make an exception.  I’ve picked up new hair yesterday (one of the advantages/disadvantages of dating the customer service rep for a major hair creator – I get plenty of choice, but damn it’s bad for my bank balance. And before you suggest it, no I wouldn’t dream of asking for freebies just because I’m dating one of the staff).

shaiAnd then today I dropped a bunch of L$ at what I think is now my new favourite menswear store; Casa del Shai. First positive thing – the pants meet the shirt without showing an expanse of my pale, soft belly. Guys with washboard abs might like to show off in this regard but I like to keep my beer-gut hidden thank-you very much, and it annoys me no end that 99% of men’s pants look like they’re about to fall off the hips. These are proper high-rise ones. Thank you Shai.

I also bought a tanktop set (black, light grey and brown) and two checked shirts. I particularly love the second one here, which comes in both open and buttoned-up.

Full Credits:
Skin: Signature – Daniel
Hair & Beard: Discord Designs – Kaneda & Arturo (Flame)
Eyes: my own
Shirt A: Shai – Mallory (Olive)
Tank A: Shai – Men’s Ribbed Tank (Grey)
Shirt B: Shai – Madras (Pumpkin)
Tank B: Shai – Men’s Ribbed Tank (Brown)
Pants: Shai Rolling Stone Jeans (Copper)
Shoes: Hoorenbeek – Combat boots (Brown)
Necklace: my own



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