Residents Choice

So the results of the Resident’s Choice awards are in, and, as I expected, filled mostly with places and people I’ve never heard of. Now I guess is the time to sit back with a BIG bag of popcorn, and watch the snark from the people who didn’t win.

Two of the categories were won by people/places I voted for, most notably Prad Prathivi who won best blogger for his Metaversally Speaking blog, which is always a good read.

I have to admit a moment of WTF when I read that residents think Luskwood is the best place to go for “intellectual” conversation. residents must have a whole different understanding to the word “intellectual” than I do. What about Thothica? Philosophy House? (Or even my garden? *grins*) I can certainly concur that Luskwood is a good place to play Furry, but I wouldn’t want to go there for an intellectual conversation. (Yes I have been there, and found it to be full of ordinary and mostly fairly childish chatter).


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