So I finally (after battling the lag) managed to pick up a free scooter from Edo Japan. It’s available for a limited time only so if you want one, you best hurry (and maybe go about 3am when it’s a bit less packed?)

090420_001 I took it for a spin on the roads near my home (I’m lucky enough to live on old mainland right next to a road) and there I was struggling up the hill thinking that it was a bit underpowered. Only later I realised this thing actually has gears, and I’d been chugging along in first!

090420_002 After riding round a bit, I went to pick my girlfriend up from work, and took her for a spin. And now she wants to get her own. In yellow.

I’m really impressed with the way this vehicle rides. I’ve had some difficulty with sim crossings but never once was I unseated, and I’ve never yet had to go hunting for a bike that’s gone AWOL and parked itself in someone’s yard.  Also, it responds really well to gravity, love the way it banks round corners and freewheels down hills.


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