body and ink

There’s been a lot of talk in the forums lately about body shape, and how so many people fail to get their shape in proportion. There’s a useful guide that was posted up in the official forums the other day, and today I used it to make sure my own shape was in proportion. I’m happy to say that, aside from my head being far too small, which I’ve now fixed, the rest was almost dead on. Increasing my head size gave me an extra inch of height, so now I’m 6’4″ (still a short-arse). I did tweak a few other things too; in particular, a bit more bodyfat, particularly around the waist, and by way of an experiment I tweaked my face to make it slightly asymmetrical. Both these changes aimed at making my shape a bit more realistic.

To celebrate my new perfect body, I decided to decorate it. Actually I’ve wanted a full body phoenix tattoo for a while, and today I happened to find one at Kanival, and it’s absolutely superb. I even wrote to the maker to compliment him, which is something I rarely do. (His profile is all in Japanese – I hope he understands English!)

So here I am, showing off body and ink:



Transgender Pride

Transgender Pride
The state of not being ashamed to be public about who you are.

new stuff

This is a gratuitous “fashion” post. I use the term loosely, because, heck, this is me, who has the knack of making even the most stylish clothes look, well, much less stylish.

Here’s an outfit from Pixeldolls, much more formal than I normally wear, and a little old-fashioned. I’d feel at home around Caledon dressed like this. The hair is a new one from Discord Designs, a group freebie. Theoretically it’s girls’ hair but I’m not proud. I like long and scruffy.

Some newbies…

…are actually decent folks.

I noticed someone lurking on my property while I was there but idle. He tried to use my sailboat and I saw the “You’re not the owner” message in chat. So I went outside and asked him if I could help.

He said (in broken English, his native language was German) he was new, and lost, and looking for places where there were people, and he’d been flying around and saw my dot on the map.

I gave him a few landmarks for places like the Shelter and the NCI. As an afterthought, I gave him a freebie sailboat too, taught him how to find it in his inventory, how to rez it and how to use the Edit window to move it to the water when he rezzed it on the dock by mistake. He picked up my instructions really well, and loved the boat, and I gave him a few pieces of advice about sailing, and sailed with him for a little while before I lost track of him.

Half an hour later he sailed back again, just to say thankyou and how much he’d enjoyed the evening, he sat with me and we chatted some more, and off he went.

Now I feel all fuzzywarm and happy.

As an afterthought… I’ve actually been thinking for quite some time about being a Mentor of some sort. I know it’s not possible (or desirable) to join the official program, but does anyone have suggestions for other places? I’ve hung around a lot at the NCI but they don’t really have an official mentor system, they only have staff who take classes and I don’t particularly want to do that just yet. The Shelter seems to be pretty much the same.

And hanging out at Help Island Public or the Welcome areas just seems like an exercise in futility.

Anyone got any alternative ideas?


I can’t believe I did this. Tonight was a “genderbending” event at Lounge of Dreams. I don’t normally get to go to these events because they’re late, but sleepless nights have their advantages. Or, er, disadvantages.

So I hopped across to the Free Dove first, because womens clothing is something I just don’t carry in my inventory, and here I am. In a dress. With a beard. And heels (that are no mod, and buried somewhere in my big feet)



The cute “boy” I’m dancing with is Arilynn.

You know, when Alice gets back from holiday and sees this, she’s going to laugh her head off.

I <3 my shoes

I love my shoes

I love my shoes

I’ve said this already, that I wish my RL Chucks could change colour like my SL Pornstars do. Today, I just happened to zoom in close on one of them. Aside from the fantastic texturing, it looks like I’ve been writing on my shoes with an old school biro. I bet my mum tells me off when she finds out.