body and ink

There’s been a lot of talk in the forums lately about body shape, and how so many people fail to get their shape in proportion. There’s a useful guide that was posted up in the official forums the other day, and today I used it to make sure my own shape was in proportion. I’m happy to say that, aside from my head being far too small, which I’ve now fixed, the rest was almost dead on. Increasing my head size gave me an extra inch of height, so now I’m 6’4″ (still a short-arse). I did tweak a few other things too; in particular, a bit more bodyfat, particularly around the waist, and by way of an experiment I tweaked my face to make it slightly asymmetrical. Both these changes aimed at making my shape a bit more realistic.

To celebrate my new perfect body, I decided to decorate it. Actually I’ve wanted a full body phoenix tattoo for a while, and today I happened to find one at Kanival, and it’s absolutely superb. I even wrote to the maker to compliment him, which is something I rarely do. (His profile is all in Japanese – I hope he understands English!)

So here I am, showing off body and ink:



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