Lewis' Adventures in Candyland

Yesterday morning I was reading all the dramah on Plurk, mainly about (or from) SL fashion bloggers who were miffed about not getting a VIP invite to the Hair Fair.



So imagine how surprised I was when I logged on and found an invite in my IMs. Of course I know it’s  just because Alice wanted to invite me to the launch party. I’m not a BNB (Big Name Blogger), I’m just a groupie. Arm-candy, said Kalli.

Still. Seeing as I got there I suppose I ought to blog a bit about it. I went early, just because I could, to experience my first ever Hair Fair without any lag. Although to be honest I spent most of the time fretting about having forgotten that I needed pyjamas for the party.

My very first impression to the Candyland theme was something between “my eyes are bleeding” and “my teeth are rotting” but after a few minutes you kind of get used to the cartoony sweetness, and after an hour it seeps into the brain like molasses, and makes you think it’s normal. After three hours I was looking at the chocolate roads and icing decorations and getting positively hungry. I actually wish I’d got pictures. But it was late, and being a naive and innocent fool I forgot. And I don’t want to go back today and take some because I’m sure the lag will be unbearable.

The hair itself – well. I think I would enjoy the hair part of the Hair Fair more if I was (a) female and (b) much less fussy about my chosen colour. As far as I can tell there’s only one designer that does male hair in my colour, and that’s Kallisti Burns of Discord Designs, and seeing as I’m dating her business partner I knew that already.  I tried a few demos of other people’s hair, and the best ones I thought “this would be nice if it was in my colour” but there was really nothing to appeal except what I’ve already got from Discord Designs.

I bumped into Aemilia Case of Philotic Energy, who a few months ago was wonderfully kind enough to make a custom texture for me, in my colour, and whenever she releases a new hair she offers me one in my custom ginger shade (which is brighter than her Copper, not so bright as Fire, and lighter than both). She told me that she was likely to be adding the Ginger to her range.

There was another store (naming no names – because I can’t remember) with a vendor showing a hair I really liked, so I bought a demo package. The demo pack included a bunch of notecards, landmarks, pictures, posing stand… and no actual hair. gee, thanks. I hope the ones you pay for have actual hair in them.

get the party started

get the party started

Then the party started and Alice was whispering to me who all the people were, and I felt like I’d gatecrashed a celebrity bash with a fake Press pass. Okay most of them I’ve never actually heard of, but I guess to people who follow Hair they’re all rich and famous celebrities. I’m sure most of them were looking at me and thinking “Who the hell is THAT?”  (Actually, I bet they weren’t – but I bet the big-name-bloggers were).

At least I was wearing good hair.


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