Goodbye SL

It seems like Second Life is over for the whole household.

Gradually one by one over the past 3-4 weeks, our avatars have all been getting banned with no explanation. All of mine, my daughter, her boyfriend’s, and even my partner, who made an av and logged in to it about twice. None of us have any idea why, there’s been no emails and no replies to support tickets. The BF says he thinks its a billing issue but I’m frankly skeptical – it seems heavy handed to ban all avs that have ever logged in from this house, just for a billing issue.

Lewis Luminos, my last one, was banned today.

Based on what I know of the way Linden Lab operates, and reading the experiences of other people who’ve been banned, it seems that they do not acknowledge appeals and they do not reverse bans, and any future accounts logged-in at the same IP will also be banned.

So I guess none of us will be returning to SL again any more.


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