Ye scurvy landlubbers, it be Talk Like A Pirate day, so splice the mainbrace and hoist the colours, and set sail o’er the high seas for pillagin’.

I be dressin’ like a Pirate, aye, threads fit for the Captain’s table no less. So let me introduce meself, I be the Dread Pirate Ginger-beard. (That’s Ginger-Beard, not Ginger-Bread, ye scurvy dogs).

Skin: Signature Daniel (as always)
Hair: Discord Designs Odin, Flame
Beard: Discord Designs Nick, Flame
Coat: Upload Fee Only – Alucard jacket Black & Gold
Skirt & Waistcoat: Mire – Sovereign, Rust
Pants: SF Designs – Tan suede trousers
Boots: Shiny Things – Old Boots
Hat & Flintlock: Freebies from Jabberwock Pirate RP sim (also the location for the photos)
Eyepatch: home-made.


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