Folky folk

One of the reasons I joined SL to begin with, way back in 2006, was because of the live music. In the end, I hardly went to any, but lately I’ve been going to events and I’ve found a superb folky British singer-songwriter called Russell Eponym.

He plays a mix of his own material along with some more well-known folk classics, like “Last Thing on my Mind” and “Speed of the Sound of Loneliness” and intersperses with friendly chatter, and will acknowledge every guest by name. He even ad-libs songs about members of the audience. I got mentioned twice, I think by the end of the song he was forgetting who he’d included and who he’d missed. The way he chats between songs reminds me of a RL musician I know, Pete Ryder.

By some odd coincidence, there was a guy there tonight wearing exactly the same skin that I wear. Except he’d stretched it to about 7ft 6 tall. (I still think it looks better on me).

There were two girls in matching skins and hair and Regency outfits, one in red and one in green, dancing in unison. That was neat too.


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