Happy coincidence

Shortly after finishing my last post, I was browsing through the Events>Discussions page in SL, when I came across a name I recognised, Lizzie Gudkov, who I’d first met at SL’s Portmerion-inspired Village Sim, where she used to host some really interesting philosophical discussions. Lizzie left The Village, and so did all the other interesting people, so I stopped going too. (There was another reason I wouldn’t go back but I’m not discussing that in public).

Anyway, Lizzie has set up a new discussion group at her own venue LnL Square, and by sheer coincidence it was just about to start, so I went along. It was lovely meeting Lizzie again, and some other old faces from The Village that I remembered too.  By another coincidence the topic of conversation was “SL Drama” (a topic I remembered from before) and somewhere in the discussion came that old Immersion vs Augmentation debate which I’d just been talking about in my blog.

After the discusion I stayed to chat a while, and four of us ended up on the MHOH2 hunt for an hour.

It was great fun, and I’m so glad to be able to catch up with old friends again.


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