The Evolution of English

Overheard (by someone else) in SL chat:

Muggle 1: yuh
Muggle 2: 😛  u here by yo self
Muggle 1: no. tina heree
Muggle 2: wif tina
Muggle 1: *Mmhmm*
Muggle 2: oh  u bought dem boots
Muggle 1: Nuuuuuuu! buh im finna disz a demo- mama got det fit
Muggle 2: rainboots or knittedboots
Muggle 1: det hair dont go wit it doe sar.
Muggle 2: ik
Muggle 1: knitted boots
Muggle 2: me
Muggle 1: yuh should have got a hair form det place  get dha white ones so yuh can match
Muggle 2: i got on black ho
Muggle 1: wdff so yuh gpne get blk jjusz  match det fit oki well be stupid  iight i got em
Muggle 2: im gettin black  match my scarf freom reek
Muggle 1: smhh
Muggle 2: from* smh wat

I swear, if the language degenerates any further we’ll all be grunting like Neanderthals.


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