Girly me

There was a thread on the SLU forums about showing off your alt of the opposite sex from yourself. You know, everyone has one, to try out those clothes or test poseballs… ahem.

Well, I don’t really have a girly alt (Salo is more butch than me, and my lady hobbit ended up getting deleted when I got bored with it).

And I started to wonder, what would Lewis Luminos look like if he were…Louise Luminos? So I went into Edit Appearance, clicked the “female” button, did a little tweaking… and then I went shopping.

I’m actually really pleased with this result. She could be my sister.

I’m tempted to sign up a new alt now, but I know what women are like. They just steal your credit card and spend all your money. (Actually I spent less than L$100 on this avatar – the only thing I bought was the top (L$10) and the shoes (L$75 for a fatpack) – everything else was either free, or already in my inventory.


  • Shape: Mine
  • Skin: Eloh Eliot freebie
  • Hair: Calico Ingmann
  • Eyes: Mine
  • Top: Pixeldolls
  • Pants: Eros
  • Shoes: Duh

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