SL Viewer 2.0

So I gave this viewer a try today and oh boy is this going to be frustrating.

Search is unusable. For one thing it’s nearly impossible to find (which is a total disaster because the first thing a newbie needs to learn is how to search for things And now it’s buried in the “Destination guide” several clicks in). When I did finally find it, the page remains totally gray, even after its finished “loading” and says “done” its just an empty grey box. No text, nowhere to type in keywords or anything. Just empty. Like this:

SL Viewer 2.0 no Search?

Other things that involve opening a web page (eg dashboard, webpage on my profile etc) will workjust fine.

When I receive an IM that’s part of a group conversation, it’s not immediately clear what group is chatting, or whether I’m receiving a private IM. When I logged in and had my usual colection of IMs to go through I had absolutely no idea what these notifications were, or how old they were. There seemed to be no obvious way to tell the difference between a group notice and a private IM.

Because people’s profiles, group profiles, land info, landmark info etc all show up in the same sidebar panel, it appears to be impossible to have two of them open at once. Only inventory seems to be exempt – the “open new window” for inventory is still there, thank god.

FPS is down to about 60% of what I had with the old viewer (used to be around 60-ish, this viewer is down to under 40).

Overall I kind of like it, it’s neat and streamlined and gets rid of a lot of the clunkiness of the old viewer.  But the failure of Search makes this viewer 100% useless to me. I rely on Search ALL THE TIME.

Another thing – I like how the Preferences now allows you to change the Angle and Distance of the default camera view. yay finally I can adjust my camera angle suitable for my shorter-than-average avatar.  Except changing the “Angle” slider actually changes the Distance, and the “Distance” slider does nothing at all. D’oh.

I’ll be sticking with Emerald.


2 comments on “SL Viewer 2.0

  1. Not everyone likes change.
    Here is my take on the new viewer!
    Non collapsible edit windows, size changing screen, during search.
    I personally do not care for change, as many Second Life residents… we get comfortable and do not want the boat rocked. There are changes in the viewer that many including myself do not care for.
    I have taken this “to the streets”, and have gotten “patches” for the oldest versions of SL. I have personally dispensed the download links to SL v.1.22 & 1.23 to many hundreds of new SL residents. I am proud to say that I have even gotten those new residents that came in with Viewer 2 to delete the viewer and upload the viewer whose format that is better in my eyes.
    Talking with LL support, they have admitted to me, that they cannot go only to the new type of viewer, as that would take many residents with older computers out of SL.
    I have multiple Desktop style Imacs here at home, as we login to SL from here, and function in world 3- 5 friends at a time. The oldest Imac ( a G5 Tiger- only 4 years old) can’t download the new type viewer.
    My campaign against the Viewer 2 has extended to RL commentary and links to all of the viewers before Viewer 2, that LL has assured me will not be discontinued.
    Residents of SL that came in with the new Viewer, and have taken my advice to try the original viewer type have thanked me, and agreed they are happier with older viewers. According to their feedback, they especially like using v. 1.22.11!
    After I explain, to these new residents the reasons that older residents and I disagree with the new viewer formats, I watch as they wholeheartedly “take the bull by the horns”, and actively assist in meeting new residents to move them back into the SL viewer that we feel has the best “search” options, and features we approve of.
    LL can try, but they can’t move everyone to Viewer 2. Not when there are patches available, and approved 3rd party viewers, and not when there are passionate residents out there “spreading the word” and passing out links!

    • Excellent comments Vitolo. Actually since I wrote this, I’ve persisted, and I’ve tried the new viewer with the Starlight skin which is definitely better. If V2 became compulsory, I’d grumble but I’d be able to live with it. Emerald is still my preference though.

      Search – the trouble with Search is that it’s crap in all the viewers, because the basic search engine behind it is so awful.

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