Holy email spam, batman!

My email inbox today got flooded with spam from a mailing list called slbloggers, which, it transpires, is the replacement for the same thing over on Ning, which I had signed up for over a year ago and hardly ever used.

Most of the posts were from people desperate to unsubscribe.

Unsubscribe link didn’t work (or else it’s horribly delayed – maybe it unsubscribes you tomorrow, or a week next Thursday?)

I couldn’t log in to Grouply (the new service) because, as I’ve never even heard of it before I have never created a username or password for it. I tried putting in my email address and asking for a password reset but it says the address is not registered. It suggested my Yahoo ID which I tried, but which is apparently not signed up to any groups at all. Not surprising since as I said, I never heard of it before.

I have written to Grouply support in the hope that they can explain how I can stop receiving all this crap. I recently got rid of an email address due to spam, now it looks like I will have to delete another.

Edit: The owner apologised, and turned all messages off. Thank god.


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