UK Punk

It’s been ages since I made a fashion post. Heck it’s been ages since I made a post at all. This one came about because I realised that my beloved Chucks Pornstars use up a massive amount of script memory, so I set out on a hunt for something else. One of the results of this search was a set of awesome sneaker boots from Duh! which cost L$100 for ten colours and I couldn’t resist. I ended up cobbling together this punk look.

Starting from the top:

Hair (and goggles) – Philotic Energy Jet (custom colour)
Eyebrow Piercing – Circle Widdershins
Beard – Discord designs Multiway Goatee
Tattoos – Kanival Phoenix
Choker – SS Designs Bounty Hunter
Tanktop – Tonktastic Union Jack
Wrist cuffs – Sensual Mistery Eros
Gloves – Sassy Kitty Skull Gloves
Belt – Kosh Patchouli
Pants – Rockerwear Vespa Jeans
Boots – Duh! Sneakerboots Red

I took advantage of Viewer 2 by ditching the invisiprims and making myself an Alpha layer with invisible feet. Much better.


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