Hair Fair 2010

You know, I really didn’t want to launch this blog with a fashion post, because it’s really not me, but the only other thing going on right now is the Emerald drama and I really don’t want to touch that. Not right now anyway. And then Hair Fair opened this weekend so here you go, you get a fashion post first.

This year they’ve had the incredibly clever idea of distributing all the demos through a group, which I joined, so I had the luxury of being able to try them all at home. Well, obviously not the really girly ones. Some vendors have been REALLY clever and put landmarks with the demos to their tent on the Hair Fair sims.

As usual the sims were crippled with lag even though there’s a no-custom-decoration and no-scripts rule for the vendors. I had the stats panel open while I was there and the Sim FPS barely crept above 2. At one point, sim #3 sat at zero for about 5 minutes before it finally crashed. I wish people would just TAKE OFF ALL THEIR ATTACHMENTS. Honestly if they didn’t insist on wearing a gazillion attachments each with a gazillion scripts in them, there wouldn’t be any problem.

I ended up buying three hairstyles, and I was a little disappointed that it’s my usual favourites again, no new discoveries this year.


In order:

#1: Don from discord Designs, in Natural Ginger

#2: Traveler from Bryce, in Penny

#3: Kirk from MADdesigns, in Ginger III.

(As per usual, the skin is an old one from Signature: Daniel, which I’ve had for 2 years and is no longer available, but I will probably never change it. The eyes and shape are made by myself).

Anyway, the Hair Fair is on for another 2 weeks, and it’s all for a good cause: Wigs for Kids which supplies wigs for children who may have lost their own hair due to chemotherapy or other illnesses.


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