Have You Met Your Twin?

It’s pretty rare for me to meet another avatar that looks anything like mine. While there are a few people on the grid with red hair there’s not many who are actually ginger. Especially not men.  However yesterday I attended an event and I saw this avatar take a seat next-but-one to mine. Okay he’s twice my height and half my weight but aside from that…

The interesting thing is this hair doesn’t come in ginger. I bought the Goldenrod, and tinted it. The other guy must have done the same. Anyway my skinny twin disappeared seconds after he arrived (I barely had time to take the snapshot). I think he got scared off by finding his short fat doppleganger staring at him.

Rundown of what I’m wearing:

  • Skin: LeLutka – Caleb
  • Hair: Uncleweb – Robin
  • Rugby shirt: SF Designs (store freebie for February)
  • Pants: ? just some plain black jeans
  • Shoes: Jungle Wear sneakers (a hunt gift from the first MHO Hunt).

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