Paintshop Pro Tutorial – Warp Brush

I use Paintshop Pro instead of Photoshop (because it’s cheap, hurr) and one of the things that sometimes frustrates me is that nearly all the tutorials out there, especially those targeted at SL users, are for Photoshop only. However, most of the things you can do in Photoshop are things you can do in PSP as well.

Here is a picture of my feet (in J’s Sandals, which show off the fact that men can have real toes too). However the ankles here show everything that’s wrong with the avatar mesh, We just have to get rid of those cankles, but how?

One of the things that Photoshoppers use regularly with SL pics is the “Liquify” function, which can be used to iron out kinks and distortions in the avatar mesh. There is a similar tool in the PSP toolbox, and it’s called the Warp Brush, and is dead easy to use.

The first pic below shows the PSP screen (I’m using PSP 10 here but the warp brush is present in at least 8 and 9 as well). You’ll find it near the bottom of the toolbox – Item 1.

In the top menu you can choose the type of warp you want. The default is that it will warp in the direction of the brush stroke, but for ironing out those cankles we need the Contract option. (Item 2).

The additional options at Item 3 will control the degree of effect. You can play with these as you wish to get stronger or more subtle effects, but for the purposes of this task I left everything except Size at default.

Now if you look to the cursor position I’ve placed it just inside the knobbly part of the cankle. Hold it there and click, the jagged line will smooth off – it’s a lot like the “smooth terrain” effect when you’re terraforming. The longer you hold it down the more pronounced the effect will be. So you can gently “paint” up and down the ankle to smooth it off.

If you make a mistake, you can use the iron option to undo it. That’s 4 buttons along from the Contract button at the top.

Finally we have the finished result, not a cankle to be seen.


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