Esteem horses

Amaretto has published the following notice on their website:

*FREE Esteem NOW*
Posted by Tmzasz Luminos Fri at 1:16 AM

*The FREE Esteem Pack to show our appreciation to you the community have arrived*.Vendors are out and operational! They will be available until June 2nd so everyone will get one. Please remember ONE Esteem Pack per avatar and you must have owned horses prior to May18 in order to receive the Pack. We apologize for not getting it out sooner but had to deal with land issues. Thank you for your patience and understanding! The Amaretto Family

There are three locations to get packs:

Encantadas d’Alliez is just about always full but I got into Oak Park first try. You can only get one pack and you get a random one of three possible horses.  You also get a consumables pack containing:

1 – Jumbo 25 pack of Breedable Food
1 –  Jumbo 25 Pack of Salt Licks
1 – 5 pack of Amaretto Cocktail
1 – 5 pack of Endurance Elixir
1 – 5 pack of Horsie Snacks
1 – 5 pack of Sugar Cubes
1 – 5 pack of Passion Pills

There are 3 different Esteem Horses (you will only receive 1 that is randomly choosen in your Esteem Pack)
Limited Edition Esteem Steed Short Circuit  eye: Electric Green  (Eye can pass)
Limited Edition Esteem Steed “The Network” eye: Data Burst   (Eye can pass)
Limited Edition Esteem Steed Cyborlossa   eye: Laser eye   (Eye can pass)

(Guys I think that’s meant to be spelled Cyberloosa?)

Anyway I got the Network one, and I named her Switch.


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