Server-side baking and a Firestorm Tip

A date has been set for Server-side Baking to go live on July 9th, and the Firestorm has an update available for their viewer.

One of the things I’ve always found frustrating about doing an update is how all my toolbars and preferences get re-set to default and I have to start over and do them again for each acount.  The Firestorm team have listened and introduced a settings backup feature which is explained in this video:

If you are currently running on 4.4.0 you can do a backup before uninstalling, then do a clean install of 4.4.1, and then restore your settings backups.

For those of you who are unable to use Firestorm or the official viewer, and need to stick with a 1.23-style viewer, I can reccommend Cool VL Viewer;  go for 1.26.8 for the most up to date SSB version or, if you are feeling adventurous try 1.26.9 (beta) for additional Materials support.  Cool VL Viewer will work on low-powered computers that cannot run the heavier ones.

If you don’t update in time, then your in-world experience is going to look something like this:

Un-textured avatar

Your avatar without SSB


Midsummer Nights Dream

As part of the “Stage and Screen” series of events (usually fortnightly) at Swing Times, the summer solstice was celebrated yesterday by an event in the theme of “Midsummer Night’s Dream”.  Madison and I attended in costume as Titania and Oberon.  There were a couple of Pucks and pretty much everyone else was a fairy.  Captain really did a good job with the set too.

Here we are all dancing around the bonfire.





King of the Faeries

On Saturday 22 June, Swing Times is having a “Midsummer Night’s Dream” themed event.  I have decided to go as Oberon, so I spent some time today putting together a costume.




Outfit: Bare Rose, Elf Type 2, L$180

Wings: Material Squirrel, Tattered Wings – Wasabi Envy, L$99

Antlers: Warbug, Oak Tree Antlers, L$10 (Marketplace)

Headpiece: Chaotic Neutral, Beltane Crown, L$20 (Marketplace)

Hair: Amacci, Anthony – Natural Copper

Skin: Le Lutka, Caleb Ginger

Location: Wonder Oaks

Members Only

Madison (my partner of two years) and I decided that we’d try a different kind of venue today and she suggested Junkyard Blues.  We’ve been before, maybe two or three times, but not recently.  I was surprised though, to find myself in a “welcome area” with a big notice to say that it was now members only.   According to the notecard they dropped on me, it’s because they’ve been suffering badly with griefers.  Fortunately, joining the group was free, painless and quick, and within a couple of minutes we were there.

Dancing at Junkyard Blues

While I understand their reasons for doing it, I imagine that this members-only policy can only work for very popular clubs; ones considered to be the best (or at least the most popular) in their genre.  Blackhearts could probably get away with it, so could the Blarney Stone, and of course Frank’s Jazz Club already does it with their pay-to-join Elite venue.  For most ordinary clubs, especially a little club like Noir, it would be disaster. People would just teleport away and go somewhere else that’s no hassle to get into.  Not to mention it might take two days for either of us to log in and see the request for an invite.

It will be interesting to see if it catches on and becomes a trend. I think many places would improve with a members-only policy, but with the group limit, it would sure restrict your choice of venues.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

I stumbled across the Daily Post, which is really the reason why I’ve resurrected this blog, because I love challenges, especially photo-challenges.  Of course my snapshots are all taken within Second Life, which makes it an entirely different thing altogether.

This week’s challenge was Curves, so I went on a hunt for interesting architecture and I found this. I have no idea what the building is, other than curvy. It appears to be empty.

Athan Selidor

Location: Athan Selidor

Water Horse Mesh avatar

I have had the original Water Horse avatar for quite a long time and I was very excited about the release in April 2013 of the new mesh version.  As with all other mesh items, you need a mesh-enabled viewer but most viewers are now. If you’re using the newer verions of the official viewer, or Firestorm, then you’re good to go. Users of old style viewers can try Cool Viewer or Singularity. Phoenix is not mesh-enabled and will never be.

Technical details aside, this is a beautiful avatar. It’s hard to top the original but Tyrian Slade has done so, and impressively.  The basic avatar is almost infinitely customiseable straight out of the box, and for even more options there are add-ons that can be purchased both in the main store and from third party suppliers.  The standard avatar comes in three body styles; refined, sporty and stocky. Each one has four basic body colours plus options for leg, body and face markings and other options. Just about everything is infinitely customiseable for colour, glow, shininess and even transparency, so it’s possible to make both natural and un-natural colours.

Here are some of the stock defaults, plus a few of my own.

whmesh_002 whmesh_003 whmesh_004 whmesh_005 whmesh_006 whmesh_007 whmesh_008 whmesh_009 whmesh_001

A Draft Horse mesh avatar is available separately. Avatar can be purchased from Water Horse


Hazardous is a stunning sim, and great for photos.  One of the Flickr groups I belong to runs monthly contests and the contest for June is for snapshots taken here.  I ended up taking more than 20 pictures. The first two shown are my contest entries, and the rest are just for fun.  And the white horse is actually me; that’s my new mesh water horse avatar, which I will show off in more detail in another post.
Hazardous 19

Hazardous 17

Hazardous 1 Hazardous 2 Hazardous 4 Hazardous 5 Hazardous 6 Hazardous 7 Hazardous 8 Hazardous 9 Hazardous 10 Hazardous 11 Hazardous 12 Hazardous 13 Hazardous 14 Hazardous 15 Hazardous 16 Hazardous 18 Hazardous 20 Hazardous 21 Hazardous 22

The location is Hazardous.



I can’t believe it’t been nearly two years since I last posted here. I haven’t left Second Life; on the contrary I think I probably log in more now than I did two or three years ago.

I have become much more snapshot-happy and I take a LOT of pics now, so I think I will continue to use this blog to showcase the best, and in doing so, to highlight some of the most photogenic places on the grid.

So without further ado, here’s some I took today.

Pandorian Freefall 5 Pandorian Freefall 4 Pandorian Freefall 3 Pandorian Freefall 2 Pandorian Freefall 1

The location is Pandoria