Hazardous is a stunning sim, and great for photos.  One of the Flickr groups I belong to runs monthly contests and the contest for June is for snapshots taken here.  I ended up taking more than 20 pictures. The first two shown are my contest entries, and the rest are just for fun.  And the white horse is actually me; that’s my new mesh water horse avatar, which I will show off in more detail in another post.
Hazardous 19

Hazardous 17

Hazardous 1 Hazardous 2 Hazardous 4 Hazardous 5 Hazardous 6 Hazardous 7 Hazardous 8 Hazardous 9 Hazardous 10 Hazardous 11 Hazardous 12 Hazardous 13 Hazardous 14 Hazardous 15 Hazardous 16 Hazardous 18 Hazardous 20 Hazardous 21 Hazardous 22

The location is Hazardous.



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