Water Horse Mesh avatar

I have had the original Water Horse avatar for quite a long time and I was very excited about the release in April 2013 of the new mesh version.  As with all other mesh items, you need a mesh-enabled viewer but most viewers are now. If you’re using the newer verions of the official viewer, or Firestorm, then you’re good to go. Users of old style viewers can try Cool Viewer or Singularity. Phoenix is not mesh-enabled and will never be.

Technical details aside, this is a beautiful avatar. It’s hard to top the original but Tyrian Slade has done so, and impressively.  The basic avatar is almost infinitely customiseable straight out of the box, and for even more options there are add-ons that can be purchased both in the main store and from third party suppliers.  The standard avatar comes in three body styles; refined, sporty and stocky. Each one has four basic body colours plus options for leg, body and face markings and other options. Just about everything is infinitely customiseable for colour, glow, shininess and even transparency, so it’s possible to make both natural and un-natural colours.

Here are some of the stock defaults, plus a few of my own.

whmesh_002 whmesh_003 whmesh_004 whmesh_005 whmesh_006 whmesh_007 whmesh_008 whmesh_009 whmesh_001

A Draft Horse mesh avatar is available separately. Avatar can be purchased from Water Horse


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