Members Only

Madison (my partner of two years) and I decided that we’d try a different kind of venue today and she suggested Junkyard Blues.  We’ve been before, maybe two or three times, but not recently.  I was surprised though, to find myself in a “welcome area” with a big notice to say that it was now members only.   According to the notecard they dropped on me, it’s because they’ve been suffering badly with griefers.  Fortunately, joining the group was free, painless and quick, and within a couple of minutes we were there.

Dancing at Junkyard Blues

While I understand their reasons for doing it, I imagine that this members-only policy can only work for very popular clubs; ones considered to be the best (or at least the most popular) in their genre.  Blackhearts could probably get away with it, so could the Blarney Stone, and of course Frank’s Jazz Club already does it with their pay-to-join Elite venue.  For most ordinary clubs, especially a little club like Noir, it would be disaster. People would just teleport away and go somewhere else that’s no hassle to get into.  Not to mention it might take two days for either of us to log in and see the request for an invite.

It will be interesting to see if it catches on and becomes a trend. I think many places would improve with a members-only policy, but with the group limit, it would sure restrict your choice of venues.


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