New House

Every now and again, maybe once or twice a year, I get the urge to re-model my land and start from scratch. I get bored with the same thing and want to start again.

Having Casidy’s account back reminded me of the first home he rented. It was in the style of a new England/Nantucket beach house; square with coloured sidings (yellow, if my memory serves me right) and it was on the shore of a small lake (more like a pond) in Phyllira, on the Atoll continent.  I’ve seen those houses around in other places but they don’t seem to be for sale any more.  So I bought a more up-to-date mesh one instead, and I’ve spent the last few days  fixing it up.  It still needs some finishing touches, especially outside, but its nearly done. I even have my own beach now.

131031_001 131029_001 131027_001 131026_007 131027_022 131027_023 131028_001

Major features:

House & Kitchen: Trompe L’oeil

Kitchen dining table: Bazar

Sofa & Chairs and beach furniture: Lisp

Bed (re-textured): Anpuli

Coffee table & Bath: Lok’s

Computer desk: Naked Mesh

“Blog” pinboard: What Next

All artwork – my own



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