My “RL” alt

You may remember a few years ago I made an alt to resemble how I looked in real life?  Well, times have changed and I’ve changed, so I’ve been working on him and upgrading his look.

Now that I look more masculine in RL, I have found it much easier to get a male skin that looks right (though finding one that lacked washboard abs and didn’t look like a twink was hard). I eventually found one at Egoisme.

New look

New look

I only wear clothes with this avatar that I own in real life too.  This is a mesh jeans and shirt combo from Hoorenbeek.

Face fuzz

Face fuzz

Just the right amount of facial hair, in exactly the right place. This is part of a tintable set from SAAL.

Surgery scars

Surgery scars

I even made an attempt at surgery scars but they look more like I’ve been drawing on myself with a sharpie.

Finally (and no pic for this cos it’s way NSFW) Janzoe do a set of “herm” genitals that totally look like what a pre-op FTM has.  They’re old and I’d love to see an updated, better-textured version (or a mod version that I can retexture myself), but to exist at all in SL is pretty remarkable really.

Finally here’s a recent pic of me in RL for comparison. Sorry it’s so small, I had to crop it from a family shot.

RL me - Sept 2013

RL me – Sept 2013


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