New Starter Avatars – Mesh

So the New Resident experience just got infinitely worse, if such a thing is even possible.

Linden lab just released a whole bunch of new starter avatars and they’re all full-mesh bodies.  And they’re all no-mod. And they’re all hideously ugly. I mean really, seriously ugly.

ugly mesh barry_001

And they’re no-mod. Did I mention this?

You cannot edit or customise them in any way.

You can’t even mix and match the clothes because each set of clothes only fits the one body, so if you (for some weird reason) like the face of one avatar and the outfit of another, tough.

How is this going to help new residents in any way? The first thing they’re going to ask is How do I change my appearance? and the answer is Well you can’t, unless you start with one of the older avatars. Which are now hidden away in a folder in the Library under “Clothing” > “Older Outfits”.  This is going to have a disastrous effect on user retention. People are going to get so frustrated that they can’t change anything and they’ll just log off, never to return.

Plus, the Lab promotes shopping so heavily, and yet nothing you can buy will work with these new avatars (except maybe hair).

There is an on-going discussion about them here on SLU.

The one saving grace for me is that the mesh clothes can be worn with the standard avatar as well; separate alphas are provided. They’re fitmesh so they should fit everyone, but some things did need a bit of extra tweaking. In fact they fit the standard avatar better than they fit the other mesh bodies.

You can also wear other prim/mesh hair with the mesh bodies and if you wear your own shape with them you can change height and body thickness.

Bad, bad move on LL’s part.


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