New House

Every now and again, maybe once or twice a year, I get the urge to re-model my land and start from scratch. I get bored with the same thing and want to start again.

Having Casidy’s account back reminded me of the first home he rented. It was in the style of a new England/Nantucket beach house; square with coloured sidings (yellow, if my memory serves me right) and it was on the shore of a small lake (more like a pond) in Phyllira, on the Atoll continent.  I’ve seen those houses around in other places but they don’t seem to be for sale any more.  So I bought a more up-to-date mesh one instead, and I’ve spent the last few days  fixing it up.  It still needs some finishing touches, especially outside, but its nearly done. I even have my own beach now.

131031_001 131029_001 131027_001 131026_007 131027_022 131027_023 131028_001

Major features:

House & Kitchen: Trompe L’oeil

Kitchen dining table: Bazar

Sofa & Chairs and beach furniture: Lisp

Bed (re-textured): Anpuli

Coffee table & Bath: Lok’s

Computer desk: Naked Mesh

“Blog” pinboard: What Next

All artwork – my own



Stroker & Munch vs LL

You probably know this already, but Stroker Serpentine and Munchflower Zaius have initiated a class action lawsuit against Linden Lab for failing to protect content creators against copyright theft.

I have a very bad feeling about this.

While they declare that their intention is “not to bring down Linden Lab” I am concerned that if they win the case* then this may well happen anyway. Even assuming that the fines and damages costs are affordable – which I’m sure they are – it seems likely to me that the courts will require Linden Lab to set systems in place to make content theft and selling of counterfiet goods totally impossible.

Now already there is rumbling in the Lab about a certified content-creator program, whereby only avatars with RL info and payment info registered with LL, and who are in good standing (ie never been banned or suspended – oh look that rules me out) would be able to sell content.

Personally I don’t see how this can work, at this level.  First of all there are millions of avatars, some already involved in content theft, who have never been banned or suspended, because LL is so incompetent at acting on ARs. They are quick enough to ban the innocent while the guilty get away with everything.

Secondly, it still permits the content theft to happen, and relies on a system of reporting to root it out and remove it, after the fact. Often that’s too late – by the time they find the stolen content it’s already in full perm circulation.

Finally, how do they police “selling?” They might prevent an unlicensed creator from listing on X Street, or listing in Search, but it doesn’t stop them actually transferring the stolen goods and making money from it. Even if LL bans them from letting an object for sale, they can still use a vendor, or pass things on by direct inventory transfer and taking a direct L$ payment for it. Bottom line here, is nothign will change and the grid will still be overwhelmed with stolen content.

The extreme that I fear, is that LL will ban unlicensed creators from creating anything at all. That the “Build” button and the “Upload texture/file” facility will be greyed out and unavailable for anyone who is unlicensed. This will give Linden Lab absolute control, and they won’t have to follow ARs. Second Life will become like IMVU or Blue Mars, where only a limited few are able to create anything at all, and the rest of us are limited to purchasing only from licensed stores who are free to raise prices as high as they like.

Now, a world where creation is impossible for me, is of no interest to me, and becomes nothing more than a proprietary chatroom like IMVU. I am sure that a vast number of residents feel the same. This, I think would lead to a mass exodus of people like myself, who cannot be licensed, and yet who still want to make things, even if it’s only for fun. Whether or not Linden Lab’s profit margin can handle the loss of all the players like myself – I don’t know. But I doubt it.

So I have been trying to think of some alternative solutions, whereby the content theft is eradicated, and yet still allow content creation.

The first thing, which I regret but fear is necessary, is to forget the Open Source client project, and restrict LL access to official (or officially approved) viewers only. This is the only way to prevent copybot-clients from being able to connect to the grid. By all means allow people to make their own viewers, but those people should be “certified” too, and their code should be inspected by Linden Lab before the client is able to connect to the grid.

Secondly I think the solution to the sale of stolen content lies in an overhaul of the permission system.  Suppose the default state of any prim, even for the creator, is no-transfer. And that only these “certified content creators” have the ability to toggle the Transfer permissions box and enable the item to be passed on. That way, everyone is still free to create content for their own use, but they can neither sell it nor give it away unless they are licensed to do so. It also means that if stolen content is found, there can be no doubt that the person who owns it is the person who made it, since it won’t ever have been transferrable.

A system like this would not depend on reporting of content because the stolen content could not be sold anyway, it defaults to “failsafe”, which is, I think, what a court would demand.

Yes, it would be a shame that I would not be able to share my creations with my friends, but if my friends are sad about that then the blame for it would lie squarely on the shoulders of the thieves and copybotters who made this all necessary in the first place.

*All of that said, I really don’t think this case will pass anyway, because the implications of a win are just so vast. It’s a bit like suing the inventor of the VCR because there are pirated movies being sold.

Another thing I haven’t seen pointed out yet, is that Stroker has set up a rival company “Eros 3D” which will be an adult virtual world. So he is effectively suing his main competitor. I don’t think the courts will look to favourably on that, and neither do I.

Then it will be an even bigger shame, that the case fails and nothing changes, except Sexgen and Nomine disappear from the grid, and the copybotters and thieves continue to profit.

Luminosity Homes

Today I listed my first item for sale on X-Street and On-Rez.

This prefab home is in the Lumi series which is based on a modern,Scandinavian style featuring timber framed construction, open-planrooms and hardwood floors. The houses are economic on prims and arelight and spacious with large decorative windows. The Lumi house may,if you wish, be used easily as a skybox.

All Lumi houses are supplied with doors and fireplaces. The secondstorey is accessed by stairs and not a teleporter. The fireplace isseperate from the main house and may be removed, thus saving 9 prims.

Please note that doors do not feature locking scripts, and windows donot have tint function, however as they are modifyable you may feelfree to add your own should you wish.

The entire house is copy-mod so you may re-texture it. HOWEVER: Pleasemake a copy first, as I do not supply individual textures with thepurchase and if you over-write an original texture you will not be ableto get it back. I will not replace a house that has been re-textured.


The Lumi 30 has a footprint of 20x30m and will fit easily on a 2048parcel. It is 2 storeys high, and the approximate total height is 10m.It will also fit on a standard square 1024 parcel but it will be VERYcramped and will go right up to your borders so it is not reccommended.If you have a smaller parcel please be sure you know not just the areabut also the length and width of your property.

Prim count: 82 total (73 without fireplace)

See and download the full gallery on posterous

New house – interior

I’m really pleased with how things are going in my new house, and I have some interior shots for you. Sadly I didn’t make all the furniture myself but I did make all the bedroom furniture, except for the two armchairs which are re-textured versions of the ones downstairs. I’m really pleased with the way it came out. Incidentally the “mirror” effect above the bed comes from a plain aluminium metal freebie texture, with a slight (0.05) Glow added. The lamps are just Glow and Fullbright, without any actual Light. That looks better than having it actually shining through the wall. The kitchen is all my own work too. The dining room still looks a bit bare, and I have two more rooms (one small square one, where the stairs landing is, and a long thin room between the stairs and the bedroom. I haven’t decided what to put in those yet. And I still have a third of my 468 prim allowance still unused so I have plenty of space for more.

newhouse_livingroom newhouse_diningroom newhouse_kitchen newhouse_bedroom

I think

… after dabbling with making jewelry and hair and clothes, I think I found what I really love building the most. Houses. I’ve moved again, decided I needed to upsize so I rented a bigger parcel from the same person I was renting off before, and I spent most of the afternoon and evening building this:

The land is permanent snow, so I went with something sort of Scandinavian (that might have come as a flat-pack from Ikea). As with the others I just sort of made it up as I went along, but I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

I have 7 Seas fishing from the pier, and a Greedy Greedy table inside. This is heaven

My new house

My new house

Originally uploaded by Lewis Luminos

I have new land, and last night I started building a log cabin on it. This morning I had a brainstorm, I deleted the cabin and replaced it with this: It’s a series of three “pods”, like alien tree seed pods, with interconnecting walkways. The whole thing, including the walkways and railings, is under 40 prims. Each room is a 10m radius torus so it’s a bit cramped in there. I feel like I ought to be wearing an elf avatar.

My first hair

Sooo… after Robert posted in the forum about wanting a neat rat-tail-type ponytail, I decided to make this my first ever hair making project.

Three hours and a lot of frustration later I have the first ever hair made by my own hand. I know its bad, and its only 26 prims, and I gave up making the bangs alpha-textured because of the horrible overlapping effect, but I’m SO pleased with it as a first attempt, and while it’s not good enough to be saleable, it’s easily better than some of the freebie hair out there.

I have 5 textures; black, brown, blond, bright red, and of course my favourite ginger.

Next project ; the same thing but better.

myhair_001 myhair_002