Club Noir

Wow! One little comment on Strawberry Singh’s blog and I get half a dozen new followers! I will have to do that a bit more often I think!  So, welcome to all you new readers and hello again to my old ones.

As some of you may know, my partner Madison Talon and I have been running a club for a little over a year now but as some of you are new I thought I’d talk about it a little more.


Years and years ago, before I met Madison, she used to run the USO club in SL; in the spirit of the RL United Services Organisation set during World War II and one of (if not THE) first and best venue for 40s music; big bands and swing in SL.  But as with most things sadly they must eventually pass. But Madi got me into the music and she just happened to have this amazing skybox in her inventory, called Club Noir.  The most notable thing about it is that it’s all in monochrome; even the trees and grass outside are all grey. Stepping inside is like walking into one of those moody black-and-white movies of the late 1940s and early 1950s. We would occasionally rez it out at Swing Times for special occasions like a rezday or anniversary.  After a while though we decided to keep it up so we rented a parcel for it and it’s now a permanent fixture.

We have two regular DJs at present, each of whom perform once a month: DJ Sword Starfall on the second Sunday of each month who plays some wonderful vintage French music of the 1940s. On the 4th Sunday we have Beathag McMahon, who is well known on the vintage circuit, playing more traditional American swing. But even though we have only two regular events a month, the club is always open and it is a popular place for couples to spend some quiet romantic time together. I live on the same sim and I often see little green dots on the minimap. If I see a person there alone, or a group of people, I will often drop in to say hello.  But if it’s a couple… I figure they’d rather have the place to themselves.

A few weeks ago someone asked me if the club was financially viable; she was concerned that we would quit because we weren’t making enough money.  I told her not to worry because we run the club for love, not profit.  Sometimes donations cover the cost of an event and sometimes they don’t, but it doesn’t cost as much as I expected because I’m not paying staff (except for DJs), and as long as I continue to be employed in the real world, Club Noir is not going to disappear for lack of money.

I’ll leave you with a landmark and a few pics to enjoy.

131222_006 140112_001 140112_003 140116_001 frankiesnightoff_001 opening_006





Midsummer Nights Dream

As part of the “Stage and Screen” series of events (usually fortnightly) at Swing Times, the summer solstice was celebrated yesterday by an event in the theme of “Midsummer Night’s Dream”.  Madison and I attended in costume as Titania and Oberon.  There were a couple of Pucks and pretty much everyone else was a fairy.  Captain really did a good job with the set too.

Here we are all dancing around the bonfire.





Members Only

Madison (my partner of two years) and I decided that we’d try a different kind of venue today and she suggested Junkyard Blues.  We’ve been before, maybe two or three times, but not recently.  I was surprised though, to find myself in a “welcome area” with a big notice to say that it was now members only.   According to the notecard they dropped on me, it’s because they’ve been suffering badly with griefers.  Fortunately, joining the group was free, painless and quick, and within a couple of minutes we were there.

Dancing at Junkyard Blues

While I understand their reasons for doing it, I imagine that this members-only policy can only work for very popular clubs; ones considered to be the best (or at least the most popular) in their genre.  Blackhearts could probably get away with it, so could the Blarney Stone, and of course Frank’s Jazz Club already does it with their pay-to-join Elite venue.  For most ordinary clubs, especially a little club like Noir, it would be disaster. People would just teleport away and go somewhere else that’s no hassle to get into.  Not to mention it might take two days for either of us to log in and see the request for an invite.

It will be interesting to see if it catches on and becomes a trend. I think many places would improve with a members-only policy, but with the group limit, it would sure restrict your choice of venues.

Folky folk

One of the reasons I joined SL to begin with, way back in 2006, was because of the live music. In the end, I hardly went to any, but lately I’ve been going to events and I’ve found a superb folky British singer-songwriter called Russell Eponym.

He plays a mix of his own material along with some more well-known folk classics, like “Last Thing on my Mind” and “Speed of the Sound of Loneliness” and intersperses with friendly chatter, and will acknowledge every guest by name. He even ad-libs songs about members of the audience. I got mentioned twice, I think by the end of the song he was forgetting who he’d included and who he’d missed. The way he chats between songs reminds me of a RL musician I know, Pete Ryder.

By some odd coincidence, there was a guy there tonight wearing exactly the same skin that I wear. Except he’d stretched it to about 7ft 6 tall. (I still think it looks better on me).

There were two girls in matching skins and hair and Regency outfits, one in red and one in green, dancing in unison. That was neat too.

Video Shoot

I got to participate on a music video shot in SL today. This video is for the hip-hop artist Ryan Banks (who’s actually not bad for hip-hop). I ended up at the back swamped in fog, and when I tried to move out of it, I crashed. But you can just see me there at the back on the left. The ginger one 🙂

ryanbanks_001 ryanbanks_002