A Picture in Purple

This is another post for Strawberry Sing’s Colours meme, only this time it’s my partner Madison modelling and her favourite colour is of course, purple.  We headed over to Siyu Suen’s lovely sim Carnivale, but if you’re going to visit you’ll need to be quick as it’s going away in a couple of weeks. (Don’t worry, Illusions isn’t going out of business, just relocating to a smaller place).

Madison is wearing:

Dress: Lilac Wine from Icing
Shoes: Judy from Ingenue
Hair: Gloria from Amacci
Jewelry: Krystal from Behira



Last week I took some more pics at Carnivale: here are just a few. You can see the rest on my Flickr stream.






Colours Meme

Strawberry Singh’s meme this week is a simple one. Just wear your favourite colours.  Now, being a redhead, naturally my favourite colour is green. But I’m no model and my inventory is pretty dull when it comes to clothes. After all, one green t-shirt looks much the same as any other. So I decided to let my alt, the lovely Indra, model for this one.

Indra - Green Sari

She’s wearing this gorgeous sari from Zaara in rich emerald trimmed with gold, which happens to be Indra’s favourite colour. At least, that’s the colour she looks best in.  This is one of six colours; all of them deep jewel or earth tones.  I think saris are very sexy – must be something about that exposed tummy.

Indra - Green Sari

The location you can see in the background there is Shektawari, an opulent and highly decorative sim in the Indian style, where she had an encounter with a painted elephant which appears to have gotten itself lost on the wrong continent…

"You do realise you're an African elephant, don't you?"

“You do realise you’re an African elephant, don’t you?”

Did you know you can tell African elephants from Indian ones by looking at their ears and comparing them with a map? An Indian elephant’s ears are the same shape as India, and an African elephant’s ears are the same shape as Africa.

Indra is wearing:

Sari – Zaara – Menaka Sari Deep Green

Skin – Cupcakes – Enigma Tiramisu

Hair – Wasabi Pills – Veronica Nightshade

Jewelry – Eclectica Elizabeth Emerald (necklace & earrings)

Jewelry – Yak & Yeti – Wax Bangles Green

Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sky Molasses

Shape – model’s own

POTD – Hipster in Japan

I picked up a freebie outfit today, this is a group gift from “To Be Unique” which is a store I’ve never even heard of before. The shirt says “I’m Great In Bed – I can sleep for days”.


  • T-shirt, shorts, shoes & sunglasses – To Be Unique
  • Skin – Le Lutka
  • Beard – Nomine
  • Hair – Discord designs, Ciss
  • Tattoos – Kanival

Location – Higashiyama, a cute little Japanese village on mainland.


Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe

I wanted an excuse to show you the hair I got in the 99L sale at EMO-tions, so I dug into my inventory for something to wear and hit search for a cute little cafe setting.  The Cheeky Tiramisu cafe is beautiful.  Note that EMO-tions hair does not come in this shade of ginger; I bought the “naturals” shade and (because its fully mod) tinted it.

130819_004 130819_003 130819_002 130819_001

Vest & T-shirt – DEW
Jeans – Redgrave – Classic cut liquid mesh
Shoes – Patriotic Series Chucks UK
Tattoo – Kanival – Phoenix
Hair – EMO-tions:. * RICK * /naturals (tinted)
Skin – LeLutka-Caleb
Eyes – CS Design R1M12
Shape – my own
i-phone – {what next} (came from the chair on location)


British Boy

Okay, maybe I have gone a little OTT with the Union Jacks. But what can I say, I like being British.


ImageT-shirt – FireBird Designs UK Flag tshirt
Pants – *Hysteria Creations* Skinny rockn pants UK (mesh)
Shoes – Patriotic Series Chucks UK
Hair – Discord Designs – Ciss Agouti (mesh) –  (bandana re-textured by me)
Shape – my own

Skin – [LeLutka]-CALEB/ginger
Eyes – CS Design – CS EYES R1M12

Poses – WDK & Oracul

Location – Britannia Village


dDx sneak preview

Ever since tattoo layers became possible, I’ve been waiting for someone to do decent facial hair in my colour dammit!

The wait is (almost) over. Kallisti Burns dropped me a sneak preview of her new tat-layer goatee, in the right colour, and I love it. I already love her prim beards but this is just perfect.

It’s not quite out on general release yet, but watch this space.

Also worn:

  • Hair: dDx (Rowan – natural ginger)
  • Shirt: Sensual Mistery (Kevin)
  • Tattoo: Kanival (phoenix)
  • Skin: Le Lutka (Caleb)
  • Eyes: my own
  • Shape: my own

BTW, Discord moved from Synchronicity a week or so ago and is now on Moonsong:


Hair Fair 2010

You know, I really didn’t want to launch this blog with a fashion post, because it’s really not me, but the only other thing going on right now is the Emerald drama and I really don’t want to touch that. Not right now anyway. And then Hair Fair opened this weekend so here you go, you get a fashion post first.

This year they’ve had the incredibly clever idea of distributing all the demos through a group, which I joined, so I had the luxury of being able to try them all at home. Well, obviously not the really girly ones. Some vendors have been REALLY clever and put landmarks with the demos to their tent on the Hair Fair sims.

As usual the sims were crippled with lag even though there’s a no-custom-decoration and no-scripts rule for the vendors. I had the stats panel open while I was there and the Sim FPS barely crept above 2. At one point, sim #3 sat at zero for about 5 minutes before it finally crashed. I wish people would just TAKE OFF ALL THEIR ATTACHMENTS. Honestly if they didn’t insist on wearing a gazillion attachments each with a gazillion scripts in them, there wouldn’t be any problem.

I ended up buying three hairstyles, and I was a little disappointed that it’s my usual favourites again, no new discoveries this year.


In order:

#1: Don from discord Designs, in Natural Ginger

#2: Traveler from Bryce, in Penny

#3: Kirk from MADdesigns, in Ginger III.

(As per usual, the skin is an old one from Signature: Daniel, which I’ve had for 2 years and is no longer available, but I will probably never change it. The eyes and shape are made by myself).

Anyway, the Hair Fair is on for another 2 weeks, and it’s all for a good cause: Wigs for Kids which supplies wigs for children who may have lost their own hair due to chemotherapy or other illnesses.

dD new hair

Kallisti Burns of discord Designs has been busy with new hair and a new colour range, and she’s just released this one for men, and of course I just had to try out the ginger ones.  This is so me.

It’s called Rowan, and as with all dD hair it’s mod/copy so it’s easy to tweak the colours or adjust it to fit with a hat.

A pack of 4 colours is great value at only L$180 and there are 36 colours in all.


The t-shirt I’m wearing here is one of a range of fabulous designs from LnL designs (is that Lizzie and London, or London and Lizzie? I can never figure that out).


Skin is Daniel by Signature and the eyes are made by me.

Birdy Sky

My landlady gave me a seaplane. 🙂 I won’t show you a pic of where I ended up the first time I tried to fly it, but I swear it was physically impossible.

Instead here’s a more relaxed pic. I don’t have a pilot’s outfit but I picked up some new things recently and I particularly wanted to show off the hair.

Me standing by a seaplane

Hair: Alli & Ali – Hercules, Copper (they are offering 2 shades of brown free at the moment but you know me – it has to be ginger)
Shirt & vest: Freak Yo’ Pixels (I never heard of them before but this was featured in one of the freebie blogs a week or so ago – free as a group gift)
Jeans: Signature (old hunt gift)
Shoes: Duh! Leather sneakers
Seaplane: Apolon Motors

close up of me with new ginger hair