Strawberry Singh’s Friends List Meme

This week’s meme from Strawberry Singh is all about the friends list. She suggested grab a friend and ask each other the questions but I am currently in the middle of reinstalling everything to a new hard drive and I have to keep closing everything down to do yet another batch of tedious Windows updates, so I’m not inworld right now. So I’m asking the questions just to myself.

  1. What is the number of contacts on your Second Life Friends List? (visible in firestorm viewer or your web profile)  93.  Not many, really. 7 of those are my alts.
  2. Are you picky about who you add to your list or do you usually add most people? I’m picky and I tend not to add people that I don’t already know from somewhere.
  3. Who is your oldest contact? (check your calling cards) I don’t keep my calling cards but I think my oldest is Suzanne Pascale, who befriended me in my first week or so. Another really old one is Mabb Dilweg who passed away last year. I don’t have the heart to delete her and I probably never will. I am pretty sure those two are my oldest.
  4. Who is your newest contact? (check your calling cards) A guy called Drop, who I added last week.
  5. Do you know every single person on your list? I know who they are and where I know them from.
  6. How many do you speak to on a daily (weekly) basis? Daily, one. Weekly, maybe up to about 8
  7. How many do you see/get together with in-world on a daily (weekly) basis? Again, daily, only one and that’s Madison.  A lot of the people I get together with on a weekly basis are friends from Club Noir.
  8. Who on your list do you have the closest relationship with? Madison of course. Second-closest is Aphrodite Atlas, my wonderful landlady.
  9. Who do you wish you knew better? Quite a few actually, especially old friends from SLU.
  10. Who on your list is the funniest/most entertaining?  Matty, if I ever saw him online these days, which I hardly ever do.
  11. How did you meet most of the people on your list? (work, parties, etc…) I have two main “chunks” of friends; SLU people and people who come to Club Noir. A handful of other vintage fans from Swing Times, a few from mentoring, a few from the transgender groups.
  12. Do you ever clean out your list? Yes. I delete people when I’ve forgotten who they are.  I sometimes befriend newbies when I’m mentoring, and I usually delete them a couple of weeks later if they haven’t spoken to me since.
  13. Do you have a crush on someone in your list? Yes. Oh, you mean as well as Madison?… Yes…
  14. Is there anyone on your list that you would trust with your password? Only one.
Friends - me, Madison and Amethyst

Friends – me, Madison and Amethyst



A Picture in Purple

This is another post for Strawberry Sing’s Colours meme, only this time it’s my partner Madison modelling and her favourite colour is of course, purple.  We headed over to Siyu Suen’s lovely sim Carnivale, but if you’re going to visit you’ll need to be quick as it’s going away in a couple of weeks. (Don’t worry, Illusions isn’t going out of business, just relocating to a smaller place).

Madison is wearing:

Dress: Lilac Wine from Icing
Shoes: Judy from Ingenue
Hair: Gloria from Amacci
Jewelry: Krystal from Behira



Last week I took some more pics at Carnivale: here are just a few. You can see the rest on my Flickr stream.





Happy coincidence

Shortly after finishing my last post, I was browsing through the Events>Discussions page in SL, when I came across a name I recognised, Lizzie Gudkov, who I’d first met at SL’s Portmerion-inspired Village Sim, where she used to host some really interesting philosophical discussions. Lizzie left The Village, and so did all the other interesting people, so I stopped going too. (There was another reason I wouldn’t go back but I’m not discussing that in public).

Anyway, Lizzie has set up a new discussion group at her own venue LnL Square, and by sheer coincidence it was just about to start, so I went along. It was lovely meeting Lizzie again, and some other old faces from The Village that I remembered too.  By another coincidence the topic of conversation was “SL Drama” (a topic I remembered from before) and somewhere in the discussion came that old Immersion vs Augmentation debate which I’d just been talking about in my blog.

After the discusion I stayed to chat a while, and four of us ended up on the MHOH2 hunt for an hour.

It was great fun, and I’m so glad to be able to catch up with old friends again.


So I totally failed to get on the definitive list of SL bloggers, probably because I don’t post often enough. It seems to be the same trouble I have when blogging about RL – if I’ve got enough time to blog then I haven’t done anything worth blogging about. When I DO have things to blog about I’m too busy doing them instead of blogging.

So I’ve decided that I ought to make time to post a bit more often.

Things are still going well with Alice, though we haven’t really done anything exciting. We just tend to go dancing, or cuddle up on the couch in front of the telly. Funny how SL can be so much like RL sometimes.

There are some controversial changes coming up in SL, most notably the whole business about labelling adult content and moving it off to a new continent. I can’t say I’m surprised, or terribly disappointed, by this. I think it will improve the mainland that remains, at least in that it vastly reduces the chance of my nice residential parcel getting a sex-club for a next door neighbour.

My only disappointment is that I probably won’t be able to get age-verified. None of my ID works with the system they have in place, which is a problem for a lot of Europeans it seems. Linden Lab have stated that payment info on file will count, but frankly with the ease with which a child can get hold of a credit card number, I doubt that will actually happen when the time comes. On the other hand there isn’t anything of an adult nature that I actually need and haven’t already got (except maybe the Lovescene animation from Bits and Bobs). So I won’t be missing much.

What worries me more is the potential limits on script memory per sim that’s being talked about. I have no frickin clue how to find out how much memory is being used by any of the scripts I’ve got, and no way of telling whether it’s “too many” or safe, or what. And if I’m selling stuff with scripts in (which I do) the customers are going to need to know.

necklace_001Last but not least, I made a new thing, a simple stone bead necklace. Its mainly for men but I guess women could wear it too. I’m tempted to make something like this for myself in RL too. It’s available in my store in Ashmorn.


Well, for all my talk about how I wasn’t looking for a relationship in SL, and didn’t think I’d ever have one… it seems I was wrong. Alice contacted me a couple of weeks ago to ask about the philosophy group I’m starting, and, well we talked a lot and it all sort of snowballed from there.

We have a lot of shared interests it seems, and we have a very similar attitude to SL itself, and SL relationships in particular. And she’s actually in the same timezone as me.

me and Alice

I’m not going to use words like “love” yet, or even “girlfriend”, because it all seems too soon and I don’t want to jinx it. But being with her makes me very, very happy.

Chatting with a celebrity

Well sort of. 🙂 I logged in this morning and got an IM from Kallisti Burns, the designer for Discord Designs, who’d read my post on SL Universe about how I’d not been able to find hair that I liked at her store. She was apologetic, and we chatted for a while about the sort of hair I was looking for, and she hinted that there might be something I would like in the next set of releases which is good news. But then we ended up chatting about, oh all sorts of things. Turns out that she’s lived in the same town (or close enough to it) that I briefly lived in while I was a student – her mum attended the same college, in the same year, so we talked for a while about that, and about a million other things too. It’s such a small world, this virtual one.

Part of the conversation was about nekos, I told her that I’d bought a neko set from her (because they’re cheap) and she pointed out that traditionally (in japanese culture, not just SL culture) males who are referred to as neko are invariably “uke” – which roughly equates to being the bottom in a gay relationship. So, um, I think that neko set will remain firmly in my inventory. Kallisti said that she found it amusing to see big muscly guys pushing their attitude, and wearing neko ears and tail. Talk about a walking contradiction.

I’ve also discovered that at 7ft, my avatar is MUCH too tall, so I need to fix that. If the average male avatar is 6’7″ (which is what Kallisti said it is roughly, and 6’2″ for female avs), then I really ought to be around 6’3″ or 6’4″ to be proportional. But if you think I’m going to drop down to my actual RL height, you can think again. Kallisti’s avatar is deliberately short, only 5’1″ and she told me that she sometimes had hassle with places banning her because they assume she’s a child avatar. And we both bemoaned the fact that in a virtual world like this, where anyone can be anything they want, so many people end up being exactly the same. You’d think there would be more variety, and yes there ARE people with strange and wonderful avatars – animals, machines, demons, elves, blobs… and yet 95% of avatars I’ve seen are barbie-and-ken clones.

Oh and speaking of machines, I got a cute avatar that was gioven to me – I saw someone wearing it and he said he’d been given it as a freebie, and he passed it on. “IT” turned out to be nothing more than 3 skin textures, nothing more than that. So I made a skin, and a shape, and voila, I’m Sonny!