New Starter Avatars – Mesh

So the New Resident experience just got infinitely worse, if such a thing is even possible.

Linden lab just released a whole bunch of new starter avatars and they’re all full-mesh bodies.  And they’re all no-mod. And they’re all hideously ugly. I mean really, seriously ugly.

ugly mesh barry_001

And they’re no-mod. Did I mention this?

You cannot edit or customise them in any way.

You can’t even mix and match the clothes because each set of clothes only fits the one body, so if you (for some weird reason) like the face of one avatar and the outfit of another, tough.

How is this going to help new residents in any way? The first thing they’re going to ask is How do I change my appearance? and the answer is Well you can’t, unless you start with one of the older avatars. Which are now hidden away in a folder in the Library under “Clothing” > “Older Outfits”.  This is going to have a disastrous effect on user retention. People are going to get so frustrated that they can’t change anything and they’ll just log off, never to return.

Plus, the Lab promotes shopping so heavily, and yet nothing you can buy will work with these new avatars (except maybe hair).

There is an on-going discussion about them here on SLU.

The one saving grace for me is that the mesh clothes can be worn with the standard avatar as well; separate alphas are provided. They’re fitmesh so they should fit everyone, but some things did need a bit of extra tweaking. In fact they fit the standard avatar better than they fit the other mesh bodies.

You can also wear other prim/mesh hair with the mesh bodies and if you wear your own shape with them you can change height and body thickness.

Bad, bad move on LL’s part.


Thursday Discussion – Viewer of Choice

On Thursday 26 May at 2pm SLT, at LnL Square:

Viewer of Choice?

It’s been over a year since Linden Lab launched Viewer 2. Do you use it? Do you prefer the old style viewers, and why or why not? Do you trust and use Third Party Viewers? What features would your perfect viewer have?

We’ll be discussing these and related questions. Join us!

Esteem horses

Amaretto has published the following notice on their website:

*FREE Esteem NOW*
Posted by Tmzasz Luminos Fri at 1:16 AM

*The FREE Esteem Pack to show our appreciation to you the community have arrived*.Vendors are out and operational! They will be available until June 2nd so everyone will get one. Please remember ONE Esteem Pack per avatar and you must have owned horses prior to May18 in order to receive the Pack. We apologize for not getting it out sooner but had to deal with land issues. Thank you for your patience and understanding! The Amaretto Family

There are three locations to get packs:

Encantadas d’Alliez is just about always full but I got into Oak Park first try. You can only get one pack and you get a random one of three possible horses.  You also get a consumables pack containing:

1 – Jumbo 25 pack of Breedable Food
1 –  Jumbo 25 Pack of Salt Licks
1 – 5 pack of Amaretto Cocktail
1 – 5 pack of Endurance Elixir
1 – 5 pack of Horsie Snacks
1 – 5 pack of Sugar Cubes
1 – 5 pack of Passion Pills

There are 3 different Esteem Horses (you will only receive 1 that is randomly choosen in your Esteem Pack)
Limited Edition Esteem Steed Short Circuit  eye: Electric Green  (Eye can pass)
Limited Edition Esteem Steed “The Network” eye: Data Burst   (Eye can pass)
Limited Edition Esteem Steed Cyborlossa   eye: Laser eye   (Eye can pass)

(Guys I think that’s meant to be spelled Cyberloosa?)

Anyway I got the Network one, and I named her Switch.

SL Discusstions at LnL

Every Thursday at 2pm I host a discussion at LnL Square, on some thought-provoking topic related to Second Life. I’m going to try to remember to post them here every week.

On Thursday 19 May at 2pm SLT we’ll be revisiting an old favourite topic, “Relationships in Second Life”. Partnerships – marriages and all the associated drama. But can they work? Or should they be avoided at all costs? What’s your experience of relationships in SL? Hope to see you there.…tti/227/21/317

For more information check out LnL Square’s Blog

Bitten by Horses

About a couple of weeks ago, I was persuaded to get an Amaretto horse.  His name is Shihab, and he’s a red Arabian, and I picked him up from a market somewhere for L$125. Not bad, considering these horses are actually rideable, and they’re about a hundred-odd prims less than my Hoofit horse.

A week and L$900 later I had six more horses; another stallion and five mares, and I am well and truly bitten by the breeding bug.

Shihab and Teo (a black Arabian mare, not pictured) have now become the proud parents of Lizzie, my first foal:

She has fire element eyes, just like her dad.


So I finally (after battling the lag) managed to pick up a free scooter from Edo Japan. It’s available for a limited time only

SL Viewer 2.0

So I gave this viewer a try today and oh boy is this going to be frustrating.

Search is unusable. For one thing it’s nearly impossible to find (which is a total disaster because the first thing a newbie needs to learn is how to search for things And now it’s buried in the “Destination guide” several clicks in). When I did finally find it, the page remains totally gray, even after its finished “loading” and says “done” its just an empty grey box. No text, nowhere to type in keywords or anything. Just empty. Like this:

SL Viewer 2.0 no Search?

Other things that involve opening a web page (eg dashboard, webpage on my profile etc) will workjust fine.

When I receive an IM that’s part of a group conversation, it’s not immediately clear what group is chatting, or whether I’m receiving a private IM. When I logged in and had my usual colection of IMs to go through I had absolutely no idea what these notifications were, or how old they were. There seemed to be no obvious way to tell the difference between a group notice and a private IM.

Because people’s profiles, group profiles, land info, landmark info etc all show up in the same sidebar panel, it appears to be impossible to have two of them open at once. Only inventory seems to be exempt – the “open new window” for inventory is still there, thank god.

FPS is down to about 60% of what I had with the old viewer (used to be around 60-ish, this viewer is down to under 40).

Overall I kind of like it, it’s neat and streamlined and gets rid of a lot of the clunkiness of the old viewer.  But the failure of Search makes this viewer 100% useless to me. I rely on Search ALL THE TIME.

Another thing – I like how the Preferences now allows you to change the Angle and Distance of the default camera view. yay finally I can adjust my camera angle suitable for my shorter-than-average avatar.  Except changing the “Angle” slider actually changes the Distance, and the “Distance” slider does nothing at all. D’oh.

I’ll be sticking with Emerald.

The Evolution of English

Overheard (by someone else) in SL chat:

Muggle 1: yuh
Muggle 2: 😛  u here by yo self
Muggle 1: no. tina heree
Muggle 2: wif tina
Muggle 1: *Mmhmm*
Muggle 2: oh  u bought dem boots
Muggle 1: Nuuuuuuu! buh im finna disz a demo- mama got det fit
Muggle 2: rainboots or knittedboots
Muggle 1: det hair dont go wit it doe sar.
Muggle 2: ik
Muggle 1: knitted boots
Muggle 2: me
Muggle 1: yuh should have got a hair form det place  get dha white ones so yuh can match
Muggle 2: i got on black ho
Muggle 1: wdff so yuh gpne get blk jjusz  match det fit oki well be stupid  iight i got em
Muggle 2: im gettin black  match my scarf freom reek
Muggle 1: smhh
Muggle 2: from* smh wat

I swear, if the language degenerates any further we’ll all be grunting like Neanderthals.

at the back of the wardrobe

First of all a little background. I’m writing a novel, for NaNoWriMo, so I’m not in world much at the moment, but one thing I did yesterday was look for a writing group. I found one on the Events listing, though it was too late for me to attend, but it had an interesting exercise, to write about the oldest wearable thing in your inventory.

That got me curious, so I went looking through my inventory for my oldest things, and I put them all on.


The oldest garment  that still remains in my inventory is this t-shirt, which was one of a bunch of things I got from the various freebie places, and dates from 2 days after I was “born” (I think it took me 2 days before I left Help Island). This one was from either Velvet or the Freebie Dungeon. Most of the freebies I deleted, mainly because they were both not very good, and also instantly recogniseable as freebies. This t-shirt was the only one I liked so I kept it. Green goes well with ginger hair, and it has thistles on the back, and I am very fond of Scotland.

I apparently didn’t keep any of the jeans or other pants from the freebie places, and my oldest pair of pants is actually also my first ever purchase in SL – this pair of jeans was purchased from the Rebel store, by Rebel Hope, and it’s still one of my favourite pairs of jeans.

I can’t actually remember what skin I wore before this one I purchased from Signature. I think I just wore system skin, because I remember having a ginger beard right from the start.  My first hair I do remember – that was the ubiquitous “Dirty Biker” hair which I tinted to ginger instead of black.

When I think about my hunt for the right skin I recall it having taken ages, and if I’d been asked to guess I would have said a month. Apparently it took only two weeks, and I’ve worn this skin ever since. There are a couple of other freebies in my inventory (a few Eloh mods and a group gift from Belezza) but I’ve never worn them. And, honestly, I never will. I can’t imagine any reason why I would want to wear another skin when the one I have is absolutely perfect. All I’ve done since then is purchase a few more beard options.

This hair came from Laqroki and was purchased on the same day I got the skin. I wore it for a long time, and I still love it, despite the awful alpha isues. It looks great in still photos but not so much moving around.  The shades are also from Laqroki, and I also picked them up on the same day. I think they were a store gift.

I didn’t bother showing the shoes because I don’t have anything left even from my first month in SL. I think I mostly wore the sneakers from the “Boy Next Door” avatar.

So, considering that everything in this pic, I got when I was 2 weeks old or less, I think I did pretty well. Mind you I did have a lot of help in the early days.

Now I suppose I could go back even further, to my first SL avatar which I had briefly in 2006 before I got bored with it…


Unfortunately I have no idea where any of these things were from. The tanktop had a wolf on it and I wish I knew where I got it because I loved that top, and would have it again if I could. The jeans look like the basic freebies. The hair, from the looks of it, I’d guess Here Comes Trouble. No clue on the skin. I looked awful.

So… what’s at the back of YOUR wardrobe?


Ye scurvy landlubbers, it be Talk Like A Pirate day, so splice the mainbrace and hoist the colours, and set sail o’er the high seas for pillagin’.

I be dressin’ like a Pirate, aye, threads fit for the Captain’s table no less. So let me introduce meself, I be the Dread Pirate Ginger-beard. (That’s Ginger-Beard, not Ginger-Bread, ye scurvy dogs).

Skin: Signature Daniel (as always)
Hair: Discord Designs Odin, Flame
Beard: Discord Designs Nick, Flame
Coat: Upload Fee Only – Alucard jacket Black & Gold
Skirt & Waistcoat: Mire – Sovereign, Rust
Pants: SF Designs – Tan suede trousers
Boots: Shiny Things – Old Boots
Hat & Flintlock: Freebies from Jabberwock Pirate RP sim (also the location for the photos)
Eyepatch: home-made.