Hair Fair 2014

The 9th annual Hair Fair is coming up in a few weeks and the build-up has already started with a Flickr competition. The theme this year is simply “music” which is a theme very close to my heart. Here is Indra again, with my competition entry.

The Melody Lingers On

Hair: Veronica – Wasabi Pills
Skin: Enigma Tiramisu – Cupcakes
Makeup: Glamorize
Shape: model’s own
Eyes: Deep Sky, Molasses – Mayfly
Dress: Meryl – Purple Moon
Location: Club Noir, of course

For up to date info about the fair itself, there is a blog.


SLU at SL11B


I have never been involved in any of the SL Community Birthday events before, and I rarely even visit them (because of the lag). However this year, there will be an exhibit organised by Robert Jung for the SL Universe forum.  He asked me if I was willing to lead some discussions, like I used to do at the SLU Clubhouse.  And I said yes!

The theme is “The empires of the future are the empires of the mind” (quote from Winston Churchill) and it seems like a good springboard for some interesting discussion topics.

Our exhibit will be in Beguile, but a landmark isn’t yet available. 

Server-side baking and a Firestorm Tip

A date has been set for Server-side Baking to go live on July 9th, and the Firestorm has an update available for their viewer.

One of the things I’ve always found frustrating about doing an update is how all my toolbars and preferences get re-set to default and I have to start over and do them again for each acount.  The Firestorm team have listened and introduced a settings backup feature which is explained in this video:

If you are currently running on 4.4.0 you can do a backup before uninstalling, then do a clean install of 4.4.1, and then restore your settings backups.

For those of you who are unable to use Firestorm or the official viewer, and need to stick with a 1.23-style viewer, I can reccommend Cool VL Viewer;  go for 1.26.8 for the most up to date SSB version or, if you are feeling adventurous try 1.26.9 (beta) for additional Materials support.  Cool VL Viewer will work on low-powered computers that cannot run the heavier ones.

If you don’t update in time, then your in-world experience is going to look something like this:

Un-textured avatar

Your avatar without SSB