About the tavern

Be welcome, weary traveller.

The World’s End Tavern is located between the worlds, where paths meet. It is a place where the weary traveller can stop and rest, eat and drink and perhaps meet with other travellers who happen to be passing by.

(SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Badger/47/51/1942)

Though medieval in theme, the World’s End is accessible from many worlds, so all manner of people may be found here and all are welcome. As such, even though this is primarily a roleplaying venue, there is no dresscode (except that we ask you to be decent!). There is no set list of character types or races you may play here and characters from any other world or roleplaying venue are welcome.

There is no set storyline; your story is up to you.








Rules are few but important:

1. This is NOT an adult region. That means no sex, no full nudity. Keep your bits covered. Seriously. If adult roleplay is what you seek, there are plenty of places better suited to your desires.

2. Weapons. May be displayed if they are part of your costume but they are not to be used in the tavern. This is a peaceful establishment and the drawing of weapons will be considered griefing.

3. Non-human avatars. All are welcome provided they are not too large. This is a small place and anything larger than a horse will cause disruption to other patrons.

4. If you are harassed, report it to the proprietors, Casteylan Hawker or Lewis Luminos. If you harass others, expect to be banned.

5. You are welcome to rez small items on the parcel to aid your roleplay. There is a 30 minute auto-return. If this feature is abused it will be turned off.

6. There is no metered roleplay here, and no preferred style of roleplay. Please remember however, that not everyone likes to roleplay in the same style as you. Some may prefer long and descriptive paragraphs, others prefer short and succinct emotes. Either form is acceptable here.

7. No God-Moding. This basically means not deciding for other people what their actions are. This is considered extremely bad ettiquette and will mean that no-one wants to roleplay with you. Your character is no more powerful than anyone else here and you are DEFINITELY not more powerful than the Innkeeper or his staff.

8. If a griefer is causing trouble and neither Casteylan or Lewis are online, try Aphrodite Atlas. She is the land-owner and will be able to assist with ejecting and banning of unwelcome individuals.


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